How to Format a GPS

Do you need to format your GPS? Let me explain…


There are various ways of carrying out this process, although it all depends on the model.

A GPS device has become in recent years a tool indispensable and very helpful to people. Since they came on the market they have not stopped selling like hotcakes and the demand is increasing day by day. But, like everything else, when the time comes that we want to get out of them and sell them, we need to restart them from the factory or when they stop working properly we also usually take this decision. Here are some ways to format your GPS to look like new.

While most GPS devices do pretty much the same functions, their interface, menu, factory reset modes and so on, change depending on the model and the year they are released. There is no “generic” so to speak, reset mode for everyone. We must remember that formatting the GPS will automatically delete all the information that exists in it, leaving it as when it was lit up for the first time.

Some of the most common models of GPS are:

Formatting Garmin eTrex

To format this model of GPS we must hold down for a few seconds the ENTER + BACK + POWER buttons and wait for the following message appears on the screen: Are you sure you want to delete all the user data? Then just press the ENTER key and your device will be factory reset.

Format Coban TK103

If you have a GPS of this make and model and you want to format it, you must first send a text message command to the device number which is “adminpassword13142324”. When it is received you will have to answer automatically with another text message, which means that your device has been successfully rebooted from the factory. After this you must send a new command which is “Reset123456” to restart the GPS, wait a minute and send another code (begin123456) which will allow you to carry out the basic configuration from the beginning.

Formatting Garmin NUVI

To give this GPS model a factory reset, you must first that nothing turns it off and make sure it’s sufficiently charged or else connect it to the current. Then press with one finger on the bottom right of the device and press the power button for several seconds. The following message “Do you want to delete the user data”, where you must press YES. Doing so will automatically begin formatting your GPS device until the initial screen appears and you have to reconfigure your equipment, as if was new.

If you have a different case and your GPS won’t start because you have to update the software, we’ll show you how to do it, since sometimes people don’t know that what they need is a system upgrade.

How to update your GPS operating system

The correct way is to initially download and install the ‘Land/Air’ program through its official website ( You can find it in support/downloads. Then, we connect the GPS to the PC’s USB port. The device will appear in the section “Stored Files”. Then we right click on the GPS from the desktop of your computer and select “Update TwoNav Software”.

Garmin car GPS

Among the infinite number of models and brands of GPS devices, it is
This update will most likely be compatible with your computer. If this update exists you will automatically be offered the download. Accept it and “TwoNav” will be updated immediately. By doing this, and being the software update the problem of your device, you will already be about to boot up and be able to use it again.

As you may have noticed, each GPS device has its own formatting, all this influences by the brands, models, features and some functions that some bring and some don’t. But in itself, all GPSs are geared to provide the same service which is to guide people to a specific destination and to know where they find.