How to Format a Hard Drive

Do you need to format your hard drive? Let me explain…

Computer hard drive

Surely when you hear the word “format” technological equipment such as pendrives, microSD cards and hard drives come to mind. The first two can be said to be the simplest when it comes to formatting, but for hard drive, which are the ones our computers use to store information, the situation can become somewhat more complex depending on the equipment and/or operating system. Normally we make the decision to format hard disk when our PC gets a virus and we want to discard it or to free up disk space to delete files that are no longer important and we do not use.

If you are about to perform a formatting to your hard disk in Windows and do not know how to do it, then we will tell you step by step what you must do to do it correctly.

How to format a hard disk for Windows

From the file browser we can say that this is one of the easiest ways to do it. We open the file explorer, we locate the unit we are interested in formatting, we right click it and when it opens the menu we click “Format”. After this, a bar will appear where we can verify if the unit we selected is the correct one and when we click on “Start” the system will do the rest.

There is another way to format a PC hard drive in Windows and that is by going to the operating system’s disk management. Open the Windows file explorer and go to “This Computer” and right click on the icon. Select “Manage” and a window will appear with the different storage disks that are in your computer. Once there, select the disk you want to format and right-click on it. Choose the option “Format” and then a window will appear in which we will select the file system (in this part we must leave the size of the mapping drive as “Default”) and select “Accept”. Once this is done, our Windows operating system will finish the process.

How to format a hard disk for Mac

 Is it the same process to format a Windows hard drive as a Mac? Is it easier or more complicated to do it on a Mac? These are questions you may have asked yourself that are valid, because we know that they are different operating systems and vary in many ways. Here’s a quick overview of due process so you can format a hard drive for a Mac.

First, open the disk utility found in the Applications/Utilities path. You can also do this from the Launchpad by going to the Other folder. Once you’re in the Disk Utility, select the hard drive you want to format. Be sure to select the right drive and not another one that might be connected to the Mac. Then we click on “Delete”, we choose the type of format we want and finally, we click again on “Delete” and that’s it. A fairly simple process that doesn’t require deep computer knowledge.

Format a hard disk for Mac

If you want to format your hard drive with iOS on a Mac, the procedure is not that different. Just log in to your Mac’s disk utility and the iOS device you want to format and follow these steps. First, go to the “primary drive,” then click on the “applications” option. A new menu will open where you must access “utilities” and click on “disk utility. Once the disk is open, you will click on a drop-down menu next to the “my Passport” drive and select “eject”. Then in the upper menu we will select the option “delete” and when we do this we will give the hard disk the desired format. To do this, first we will put the name we want to give it; very important that the format must be marked in Mac OS and the scheme must show GUID Partition Map. After making sure everything is as it is, we click on “delete”. If you follow these steps to the letter you will have your hard drive as new, ready to attach new information and files.

Tips to keep in mind before performing the formatting process

It has happened to many of us that by mistake of ourselves or by defects in the Mac system, we format the hard disk and delete important files that we will need in the future. Should this happen to you, we’ve left you with this tool so that you can restore your Mac hard drive format data without any difficulty. It’s called Remo Recover and that’s how we should use it:

First we download the trial version of Remo Recover Mac on your Mac. Once we are in the main window of the program, we go to “Recover Partitions / Drives” and click on “Volume Recovery”. Next, we choose the formatted drive from where you need to restore data and select “Next” and there the scanning process will start. Then the recovered data will be displayed in “File Type View” or “Data View”. If you want to click on “Preview” you will see the restored data before you proceed to save it in the folder you want. Finally, we can use the “Save Recovery Session” tool to save the restored and recovered files to your Mac hard drive.

This software is very reliable and every day you get thousands of downloads from different users. It is also compatible with Windows, so if the same thing has happened to you but from your Windows operating system, you can use Remo Recover to recover all the formatted files on your hard drive.

We hope this article has been useful and that you have understood how to format a hard drive for both Windows and Mac, and also how to recover data from an improperly formatted drive.