How To Reset a Laptop in 7 Simple Steps

You can reset laptops yourself. Do it without fear

resetting a laptop

Everyone at some point has had trouble with a computer or a laptop. Although most of them are not serious, we do get headlonged by a virus or malware or by the slowness of our computer, so the best option is to reset it. In this post, we want to show you how to format laptops since it is no secret that this kind of equipment is positioning itself in the market above PCs and the reasons are obvious.

We think that executing this procedure is very difficult but the truth is that it is not. Let’s say that it is not like peeling a tangerine, but if we pay a little attention and are careful in the application of the procedure we can do it ourselves and save a few euros since we usually end up paying a computer specialist to do this kind of work for us.

Without underestimating the knowledge well learned by these professionals, and that they charge precisely for having obtained it, we must admit that to save us about 20 or 50 dollars that is regularly the rate, is not bad, and much more if we feel sure of being able to do this work without setbacks that can last about three hours.

Results that we obtain when formatting laptops

If the laptop is too slow and generates errors, the formatting procedure will allow you to delete all the data on the hard drive and reset it. This way, you can restore the computer to its factory settings, or what is the same, as if you had just bought it.

Reset laptop. What is it for?

Resetting a laptop is the last resort we turn to when a laptop doesn’t work as it should. The final solution, therefore, should be to eliminate all the problems it has, but, if the computer is not updated this may be the reason why the system slows down when running the programs it contains, especially if it is a game or demanding programs such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, Adobe, Vegas Pro or others.

Finally, the important thing is that if you want to format your laptop, you must read carefully the steps of execution, that you arm yourself with a little patience and start doing it with the steps that we will describe next.

A person formatting a computer

7 easy steps to reset your laptop

The procedure to be followed is not much different from the one we must apply to format any other type of computer, whether it is a tower or a base.

Step 1

You must get the ISO image of the operating system your laptop uses. In case this is WIndows it is a numerical code that you will find in the same computer or in its defect, it is in the installation CD.

Step 2

You must prepare the BIOS. It is necessary that you prepare it so that it boots from a CD and that this one does it without any inconvenience. To enter the BIOS you only have to press Delete, F2 and the computer’s start button.

Step 3

Make a backup. This step is very important because with, any kind of formatting you do, you will lose the data you have stored on your computer. To do this you will need an external disk, a USB or SD memory to copy all the files or documents you want to keep in one of these. You can also save the programs you want to reinstall on your laptop. To do this, save the drivers so that everything works again without any problem.

Step 4

In this step, we already started formatting the laptop. You have to turn it off, insert the CD, reboot it and then give it to install.

Step 5

You must remove the “system partition” and once the process is completed, the laptop will restart and several options will appear that you must fill in as the user data, keys and passwords and other elements that have no major complication.

Step 6

Install the drivers or controllers. When everything is ready, you have this pending, ie, everything you saved on the USB, there should be the drivers that we downloaded and saved previously.

Step 7

Reboot your laptop. When you’ve done all of the above, just hit the Restart option. If you did everything right, your laptop will work perfectly and as if it were new.